Monday, August 6, 2012

Office Redo Inspired By a Temper and a Painting

I admit I can have a bit of a temper.  A lot of time this flare up of my temper is after a time frame of pent up frustrations.  The smallest frustration at a certain point can cause my temper to surface.  In response to this I sometimes sulk or yell.  Every once in a while, I use my temper for good and not evil.  My Office Redo is one of those cases.

I was in a temper at my boyfriend at the time and was walking by my "office", which at the time was nothing but a room with junk and bad carpet (disgusting really).  So, for some unknown reason, I found a razor blade in the garage and proceeded to rip the carpet out.  I spent hours moving furniture into the bedroom, rolling up carpet and avoiding assistance to carry the garbage carpet down the stairs.  Once I was finished...I had no idea what to do with the room.  While the offensive and smelly carpet was gone, I had nothing to replace it.

Evidence #1 - Mid carpet removal and I started taking pictures of the disaster.
Evidence #2 - Junk, junk and more junk as well as a whole lot of white.
Evidence #3 - The adornment above the closet was the leftover plastic from the ceiling redo...several years earlier.
In speaking with my ever helpful mother, she told me she had purchased some laminate flooring she was no longer going to use.  And, things started to click.  The baseboards would come out and be replaced.  I am a firm believer that is the fastest and easiest face lift to a room.  The walls needed painting and the room needed a big purge session. 

I have a painting that used to be in my grandmother's office that has always held my attention.  It reminds me of one of my favorite poets, Robert Frost, and his poem The Road Not Taken.  So, this would be my inspiration piece for the room and I would draw warmth and browns from the piece.

My inspiration piece.
The color for the walls I chose is called Tender Twig.  I loved the color, but I may have loved the name more!  All the walls were painted and the flooring was going in.  Please note in the picture the underlay is actually upside down.  This is a big no-no as this can create shifting of the flooring later on as I found out.

Do not lay your underlay upside down.
Clean, white baseboards were put in using a circular saw and a family friend.  New door base was also added to give the feel of luxury.

Lowes actually has door moulding kits that are pretty cheap.  Next I need to dress up other areas of the room.  I went to TJ Maxx, Burlington and Ross and located some wicker baskets for closet storage.  I also located some unique and a little "mismatchy" items to place above the closet.  I am not a big fan of using fake plants, because I don't want to dust them.

I chose some items a little outside and inside the scheme of the room's decor.
Closet reorganization.
Keeping the existing shelving, I painted a fresh coat of paint.  I also removed the clunky doors and added artistic linens using linens from Anna's Linens in two colors and a curtain rod.  Some tie backs were used to swag the space and offer an open feel.

The desk area was also cleaned up and adorned with a rich piece of art.  I love the look and feel of maps as they remind me of history and travel.  I also added a bit of differing texture in the room using a shag style rug that is still low key enough it works well.  I also like working on the computer without shoes, because of the rug.

This shot was mid clean up.  I also donated the Nintendo video games and am still in trouble with my brother.
I cleaned up a work space that is a scrap booking table.  This is great for storage.  It is also on wheels and can open up even further.  I may still dress the window.  I just have not been able to commit to a linen yet.  I am thinking some solid to contrast the linens used on the closet.

Finally, I added personal items to the room.  This includes some caricature drawings.  I love the personality and unexpected that they add to the room.

Moral of the story: every once in a while your temper may be a good thing?  Not sure if those are words to live by as this type of project start and finish is not always the result nor is it guaranteed.  I enjoy the space and love the touches that exist every once in a while that almost do not appear to belong.

This particular room was done a few years ago and is under review for some more updates.  I think the chaise may be replaced with a futon lounger so the room may double as a guest room.  But, then again, I may change my mind a couple more times.  And, that is just fine.


  1. temper? You? nah :-)
    The room looks great

  2. Who would have thought that your temper would really bring you something nice and productive? Great diversion though. Good job! :)

  3. Perhaps your temper really inspired you to come up with a wonderful office redo. Hope readers will be inspired by your story.