Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Creating the BEBE sign for a French Inspired Baby Shower

One of my best friends is pregnant and in need of a baby shower, of course.  So, we all took this as our opportunity to create a French Inspired Baby Shower for our friend.  Most of us met in french class in high school.  To this day, Meaghan will still randomly send an email in french (for which I hit the Internet to translate).

One of the items we all agreed on including was the BEBE sign originally created by Martha Stewart.

While certainly no Martha, I headed to Michael's to be inspired.

I picked up floral wire (thick gauge) and plastic flowers that could wrap around letters and match our color scheme.  Meaghan is having a baby boy, so I tried not to go crazy with flowers.  I also picked up some green floral tape to wrap around the letters.  I located some butterflies and birds as well as some ribbon.  I have hot glue at home so off I went.  I picked up way too much but I knew I could return what wasn't being used.

I started by creating the "b" in lower case and shaped the floral wire into the "b" shape.

I then did the same to create a matching "b" and two "e's".  Once those items were complete (this took a little while as I kept changing my mind as to size) I applied the green, floral tape to each letter.

The floral tape helped complete the shapes and create a backdrop for the flowers.  I started searching in my pile of flowers for what inspired in the moment.  I cut and attached accordingly. 

Then I added a little bling with my butterfly.  This also assisted in hiding an area of hot glue I did not want showing.

Once the first letter was complete, I used the color pattern with the remaining letters.  This time I approached each one in the order it would hang.

Upon completion of all letters, I attached some blue, gauzy ribbon and hung my art for any final touches I may need to make.

The nice thing about this type of decor as well as others created for the party, this can be recycled into decor for the nursery.  Until the day he wakes up and tells his mommy he doesn't want flowers in his man cave anymore.

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  1. French baby shower is a lovely idea and will make the occasion much more attractive. Got to know about many event halls for rent and I think our house warming treat at one of them will be a super cool idea. Not sure about the lunch or dinner plan. But will hire tried and tested caterers bakers only. Can order drinks and mock tails accordingly.