Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to Easily Decorate Above Your Upper Kitchen Cabinets

In considering decorating above my kitchen cabinets, I considered fake plants, but hate the idea of constantly dusting them.  I was not really sure what direction to head, so I left the space empty and unused.  My mom and I were chatting about this particular issue and she brought up the fact that my Grandmother would use copper jello molds to decorate.  Running with that idea I wanted to intersperse vintage signage and vintage jello molds.

Off to the thrift stores I went.  I also spent some time on locating some great finds.  I purchased several jello molds from Goodwill, Salvation Army and  I also found a large circular piece.  I decided this should be my center.

Before Clean Up

My center needed a bit of clean up.  Nothing too aggressive, so I used Goof Off wipes that I found at Home Depot.  Quick and efficient clean up.

After Clean Up
Now, onto the other pieces I had located.  I used another Goof Off Wipe and cleaned them up, as well.

I needed to drill a hole into the top of my "center" piece.  I used a drill bit and had a hole in a second.  I then placed the beginning of my design.

Obviously, the kitchen is undergoing other projects at this time as well.  I am using Polycarbonate Glass for Cabinet inserts.  I am waiting for the film to come into Walmart so that can be applied.  The protective film is still on at this point to protect from scratching.  Also, the fluorescent lighting is done in my kitchen being replaced by a refinished chandelier.

From the point of my center, I selected pieces to add to the wall. I did not want all circles or everything completely level.  However, I am still a Virgo and need a bit of a pattern.  So I selected specific items to work with each other.  I like to imagine this process like reading a book.  Left to right...does it make sense?

I hammered the nails in and placed the remainder of the pieces.  I found picture stands at thrift stores for $1 each and used those to anchor my signs.  I wanted a little depth so I chose not to hang them.

Upper Cabinet Kitchen Decor
I was a little nervous about mixing all of the different metals.  I also considered more clean up on a couple pieces, but decided I like the vintage feel more.  Moral of the story...go for it!  I think it looks great.  I added some elegance to my kitchen for about $50 for all pieces. 

I may still add another horizontal sign or two...but that is why this addiction is never ending and always fulfilling.


  1. Those are great, I love how the bronze really brings out the wall color. I actually found some decorative hardware for cabinets that I think would go great with all that metal. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the feedback and I will check out the hardware!