Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to NOT fall down Wood/Laminate Stairs

I recently added laminate wood to my stairs - OK, my idea and purchase - My Uncle actually did the placement and hard work.  It looks beautiful, however it is slippery! 

I was trying to be careful and one day I actually bit it going down the stairs.  RED FLAG!  I have been looking at stair tread, but really don't like the idea of covering my flooring.  Plus the prettier stuff is a bit pricier than what I would want to pay.

So, I found the solution in a spray can at WalMart.  Krylon Non-Skid Coating spray in clear for decks, etc.  About $4.00 a can.  I bought 2.  You clean up your floors as normal and spray about 6 inches away.  This creates a texture on the stairs that ensures stability versus slippery when traveling your stairs. 

You cannot tell a difference other than you actually may not fall down the treacherous stairs.  To the touch, you can actually feel a texture difference creating an invisible tread.

I only needed one can, but thought that maybe 6 months down the road I may need to touch up.  You never know.  My Uncle and I had looked at Home Depot previously in the spray can section, but could not locate anything. 

No change to the look of the stairs.  I am happy with this easy enhancement!

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