Monday, June 11, 2012

How To...Not To

I am on the road for my job and always love the travel.  However, I have become pretty antsy about finishing my kitchen and other projects.  I am going crazy during my off time on the road wanting to play with recipes, spray paint and lamps.

For those of you who knew me previous to this year's newest obsession...who am I?  I love it, but am in constant shock!

A few years ago, I was buying the coffee mug that said "Domestically Disabled" and now I am ready to put paint to the paper, plug in the hot glue gun and develop a new recipe using fresh spices.  It is incredibly refreshing to gain confidence in something I never thought was my cup of tea.  I am home in a couple days and ready to get some appliance paint for the kitchen!

Maybe I should put the aforementioned mug on my upper cabinets as an homage to past days.  I have more ideas stewing for that area and hope that my favorite shops on ( and ( have some more cool items that are on my hit list or at least inspire my hit list.

I am still checking and and Amazon.  Time to get my "How To" is not a How To...Not To any longer.

I actually brought a lamp with me on this trip to paint, but am pretty tired at the end of the day.  Plus I forgot a screwdriver to open my paint can.  Yeah, that is it.  I forgot the screwdriver.  I even brought a garbage bag to protect the area where I would be painting (not spray painting).  There is no way I am paying for a desk.  However, there my lamp sits...unpainted.  Maybe I am only inspired while at home?

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