Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why not a Chandelier and a Fan Together? It Could Be Harmony!

I like the flow of air circulating in my bedroom.  I live in Las Vegas and have an upstairs bedroom.  Heat rises, right?  So, why would I want to get rid of my ceiling fan?  Well, as previously discussed, I am redressing my bedroom into a Hollywood Chic Boudoir.  How does one have Hollywood Chic without chandeliers with glossy crystals?

I started to think, why can't I have both?  I have elected to take a path that is all my own and there are no rules, right?  I began by searching on the Internet.  Lamps Plus,, EBay, Amazon, Overstock, etc.  I found a few items that could be called Chandelier Style Ceiling Fans, however I would certainly not call them chic.  Also, plaguing me is that idea again of spending a lot of dough on one lighting fixture.

There are handy people in my life.  They use drill bits, circular saws, hammers as well as the rest of them.  Why not get a chandelier and replace the current fixture with the blinged out chandelier?  Lamps Plus had a $100 deal on a crystal and silver chandelier that matches the color scheme of my plans.  So, I went for it!  Now, to take down the existing white, dull ceiling fan blades and holders.  Then on to cleaning the base and blades...prepping them for Metallic Silver Paint.

White Ceiling Fan and Blades
Prepping Tools:

Soap and Water
Area to keep items clean while drying

Key to success here is to clean the base and blades as well as the blade holders.  I used warm water and Lysol.  Afterwards I let the items air dry as to not worry about any remaining lint.  Obviously, you want to repeat the process for the flip side of the blades and blade holders.

Silver Painted Ceiling Fan Parts
Items Needed:

Metallic Silver Spray Paint (I used Rustoleum)
Drop Cloth or other protected surface
Rag (to clean up any drips prior to drying)

Key to success here is making sure that you have a space that will allow you to work comfortably.  Clean, smooth sweeps when spray painting from a comfortable distance will make sure your project does not have drips.  If you have drips, take care of them immediately by dabbing or cleaning off that area.  I like to stay at least 8 inches away from the item I am spraying while spray painting.  I also think wide and smooth, left to right strokes makes sure you have an even finish.

Patience comes in handy while you let it dry completely.  It should no longer be wet or tacky to the touch.  I am not so patient, so this was a big test for me.  I did two coats on both sides of the items even though they would not all show to the eye.  This process took two days.  If outside, like I was, make sure you are comfortable the wind will not create art deco prints on your paint with debris.

Using brown paper picked up at Lowe's, the ceiling around the base of the fan was taped up so that the ceiling did not get spray painted Metallic Silver either.  I would recommend two coats here, as well.  That patience kicks in to make sure the ceiling fan base is dry, as well.

Removing the existing fixture involves a screwdriver and disconnection of the power to the fixture from the existing ceiling fan base.  You should turn off the power so you do not get hurt (please see previous blog about re-inventing a 1920's lamp).  If you are not comfortable with this process, contact someone you know who is or a professional handyman.  Reconnect the chandelier that was purchased (best and least amount of effort come from making sure the base of the existing light fixture and new light fixture are the same diameter).  You may need to drill holes into the new chandelier base to attach.

Once power is reconnected from the Ceiling Fan base to the new Chandelier, screw in the fixture.  Test and make sure you have completed this process successfully.  I hate continuing through a process and then realizing something is wrong.  Now, I have to backtrack and undo everything I struggled to get done in the first place. works!

At this point, there is not any bling.  That is not possible!  This particular chandelier comes with plenty of crystal prisms that will eventually tie to the re-invented 1920's crystal lamps.  A tip...if you are attaching a whole lot of crystal prisms while standing on a ladder...make sure you know that they are in the right place.  I took for granted that they were all the same length and was just adding them.  This resulted in me having to remove my hard work and start over.  I was getting pretty cranky.  I only have so much patience with anything let alone my own mistakes.

Silver Chandelier Ceiling Fan with BLING
 Many people have asked me if this has resulted in the crystal prism drops knocking together.  Thankfully, no.  However, they did sway a bit.  At Lowes, they sell a $3 ceiling fan weight set that is simple to use and will assist in balancing everything out so the sway will go away.

Can I have my Ceiling Fan and Hollywood Chic Meets Today Chandelier in one unit?  Why yes, I can.  Thinking outside of the box has resulted in a very custom and inexpensive lighting piece that makes me happy.  It keeps me inspired to get the rest completed!


  1. Well, how is this little invention of yours now? I don’t know how much chandelier fans are but since I already have a working ceiling fan, I would rather have it customized. I’m just not sure if I can DIY the whole process. Staci @

  2. Great minds think alike! This is exactly how I am doing the lighting in my dining room! I have a brass ceiling fan with dark brown blades and a tiffany style light shade with clear glass and brass caming (similar to a leaded glass window). Oh, and it's octagonal in shape! This unit was very expensive and it's at least 25 years old, but still runs perfectly and it's quiet! The light itself has 3 arms like a chandelier so I'm keeping that, but the shade has to go! I'm painting the entire unit (fan, blades and light) silver and adding crystal chains and prisms, just like your light, but I'm using 3 black mini shade that are lined with silver foil, from Lamps Plus :) I'm also adding crystal beading to rim of mini shades. I don't think you can have to much bling! :) Great job! I hope mine comes out as well as yours! Thanks for the help!

  3. How much would you charge to make one of these?

    Tracy 510-606-3243

  4. I agree with Tracy. How much would you charge to make this for someone?

  5. Your fan/light is Beautiful! Kudos! a female McGyver..who is hooked on shabby chic..and this very idea has been on my mind for better part of a decade..mine Must have plenty of crystal arms, chains, and prisims, SO, i've been saving my pennies..and today..i am buying the supplies....just on a whim i thought to see if anyone else had come down with this crazy we!

  6. Same here NuLiForm! I already have my chandelier, crystals and sheer drum shade. I even considered attaching without wiring it. The existing fan fixtures has a downward facing light. The blades are clear/acrylic/lucite. I'm going to paint all of the bright gold a dark bronze finish.

    So glad I decided to take a look online as I couldn't make anyone understand what it is I want to do!


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