Saturday, May 12, 2012

My 1920's Re-Invented Lamps Get Lamp Shades

When you take on a project that you have never endeavored before, it becomes something a bit closer to your heart.  At least, in my opinion.  The re-invention of my 1920' Ebay Lamps came with some pressure to accessorize them correctly with lamp shades.

Re-Invention of a 1920's Lamp (see previous blog for details).

So, how to accentuate my art?  I found some great lamp shades at Lowes.  My boudoir is to be silver, black and purple (see boudoir blog).  These shades are silver when off and purple when on.  How perfect.

I love the color mix of these lamps.
I don't feel that these lamps are that perfect though for a 1920's boudoir.  They needed a little something more.  Maybe some beads on the bottom?  Crystals on the bottom?  I needed some inspiration.  I took the shades into Michael's.  Nothing.  I took my lampshades into Heddie's in Las Vegas and played with beads and crystals.  Bingo!  I thought I was looking for crystals, but really the black beading was calling me.  Not just for the bottom, but the top.

Out comes the hot glue guns and pins to hold in the beading while I confirm my direction.  Out goes the harps from my lamps as modern lamp shapes don't use them.

Now to confirm with the hot glue gun.  Get rid of the little stringies that are inevitable when hot gluing.  Send up a prayer that this will work and meet all of the goals in mind for these poor 1920's lamps.  I do not want to offend them.

I think I accomplished my goals and did these lamps proud.  Artsy, chic, over the top (a bit) and modern.  They light and they make the statement I want from them. 

When lit, these lamps are purple!
At the end of this lamp project, I have spent about $140.  About $70 per lamp with history and a story.
Don't let yourself stand in your own way.  For so long, I did not consider myself artsy or particularly handy.  I have proved that wrong and watch out amateur house redressing world, here I come!

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