Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Installing a Pendant Light Where a Recessed Light Exists

The best invention ever (may be a bit of an exaggeration)...the Screw in Light Bulb into a recessed light.  The one that is actually connected to a pendant light.  No work with electrical.  Literally, you can go to Lowes and get a fixture kit that screws in where the light bulb would normally screw in.  It has an electrical cord hanging down into a light piece. 

Then, to make matters get to pick the fixture!  20 minutes and $30 later your recessed light becomes a pendant light!

Recessed Light in Kitchen becomes a Pendant Light
Granted, I need to straighten out the cord.  But, I loved the ease of making a big change above the kitchen bar without big cost and big renovation.

Note:  My local Home Depot does not carry these items.  Just head to Lowes.

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