Monday, May 7, 2012

Introduction: A Revolution in Following Through on All Things

As I approach my mid-thirties, I have contemplated the many wonderful ideas that I have had in the shower, while watching TV, while reading a book, etc.  Then I thought about the number of those ideas I have actually seen through or even started.  Daydreaming and accomplishing are two separate things and it has come to the point that I put the pedal to the metal.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly have seen things through and have many accomplishments.  Getting a college degree and buying a house being on top of the list.  However, when analyzing my personality, I find that I tend to be lazy.  The Virgo in me says: "Stop Dreaming and Do!"  The Lazy Lounger in me wants it to fall into my lap and be brilliant and finished. 

So, the point being that I have talked about redressing many rooms in my house for years.  I have talked about how great a wall knocked down in my kitchen would look.  I have talked about travelling the world since I was little.  I have recently started talking about writing a blog to share funny anecdotes, insights and random musings that sometimes distract me.

I quit my higher (ish) level position a few years ago to try something new and hit the road.  I realized I had become "comfortable" and had no other career goals.  This is unacceptable for Virgos and for me as a person.  When some major changes started at my job, I realized this was my opening to make a bold move.  So, I resigned and now travel the country (and hopefully) some of the world. 

I have seen little cities in this country with more charm than ever imagined.  I have been to towns I had never heard of with some of the most interesting history.  In short, I feel as though I am discovering America.   This has led me to become somewhat of a foodie.  How do you travel the country and not get taken in by the tantalizing offerings?

My Aunt told me to start writing in a journal, after reading my distilled water essence (not sure what it is called).  She also told me I would accomplish things with my house that I had given up on.  So, is this the proverbial kick in my ass?  Maybe.  This year I started REALLY redressing my house and am now addicted!

So, here it journal (of sorts).  This is dedicated to my adventures, mainly evolving around my house redressing (being an amateur by all means I dare not say house decorator).  Other musings will come into play as happens in life.

**DISCLAIMER**  I do not claim to be the most grammatically proficient and some may even say I should take grammar classes in writing.  This is not a blog specializing in grammar...just content.  I will make every effort to not offend my grammar-happy friends, family members and readers, but there is not a guarantee.

**DISCLAIMER**  I am a big fan of using "..." to avoid embarrassing grammar situations as aforementioned.

An example of the chaos while in the midst of my house redressing!

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