Wednesday, May 23, 2012

House Redressing Burn Out

I have a lot of ideas and plans.  I enjoy making decisions, even if some go wrong.  However, today this blog is just an update that I am having a tough time making decisions.  I think I am burning out a bit after a lot of decision making and money spending.

I am getting a headache even looking online at simple decor items and deciding whether or not to purchase items.  I think this would be a time that I should take a break.  A short break, but a break where I spend an evening just watching TV or reading a book.  I constantly multi task, working on the Internet for the house, work and socializing...and trying to relax.

Maybe, tomorrow I will just take a break.  Between work, money, redressing a house, and life in general - everyone is owed a little downtime.  I took a nap after work today, but it was not enough.  I think the lesson learned here is to give yourself a little time every once in a while to veg out or laze about.  Multi tasking may result in a headache that won't go away.

If you have this headache (even when enjoying all the activities in your life) it could result in some bad decisions.  Let's see if I can take my own advise!!!

Especially, after my refrigerator just decided that the ice maker should leak...on my new laminate wood flooring in the kitchen.  My headache just escalated.  Time for a small break.

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