Thursday, May 24, 2012

House Redressing Burn Out Continues

I did not get back to it today.  I worked 13 hours and am now getting to my personal hobbies.  I am too tired to work on the next chandelier for my kitchen.  It is a great piece my mom had sitting in her garage.  It is silver.  I have spray painted the chandelier Stone Texture Brown and I am still unsure.  I made the candle/light holders black, but they got dust on them.  So, some sanding and repainting is necessary. 

I currently am housing a fluorescent light fixture, which means lots of holes in the ceiling to fix.  A big job in my mind today, but I am sure tomorrow it will seem a fleeting task.  Why?  Fleeting tasks are much easier to handle mentally than one big task.

So, as said by Scarlett in Gone With The Wind, "After all...tomorrow is another day."

My tomorrow happens to include spending time with one of my closest friends recovering from surgery.  So maybe it should be "after all...the day after tomorrow is another day."

As long as it is not weeks, I am on track!

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