Saturday, May 12, 2012

Decorating Behind a Wall Mounted Flat Screen TV

What to do with decoration behind the flat screen TV?  Most people would leave the paint as it is and I probably would have had I not previously made a design blunder.  When I first purchased my house 6 years ago, I decided I had to have a faux Venetian Plaster wall.  I love the Tuscan look.  However, I also loved the mirror hanging above the fireplace.  So, I had the professionals do the faux paint AROUND my mirror.

BIG MISTAKE!!!  Who am I to say what my taste would be in 6 years or what technology would evolve into.  Why would I ever move the mirror?  Don't mirrors make a smaller place look bigger?  Please do not do this to yourself!  Change is inevitable.

My Faux Venetian Plaster "Focal" Wall with the Mirror.
I don't like to spend big money on big ticket items.  I have had the same, HUGE TV from early 2000 in my tiny living room taking up space, because it works.  I held a Super Bowl party at my house this year and my brother brought over his incredible flat screen TV and put it on top of my outdated TV.  I was shocked!  How could my TV's image be so different!!

Is that really my picture quality?
It is at this time that I had to do psychology on myself.  If I keep this same TV, I will never buy a new TV.  So, the next week I called a friend of my brothers who may be interested and sure enough he came and picked up the TV.  Now, I had the whole living room to move the furniture around.  Also, I now had incentive to buy a new TV.

I went out of town for a few weeks.  No worries about not having a TV downstairs.  Then...I was home for a couple weeks.  How do I not have a TV in my downstairs and I had a party coming up!  Still, I am unwilling to spend a lot of money.  I researched a deal on Ebay on a REFURBISHED Smart TV with 1040p, 240 mgh, 3D ability, WIFI accessible, etc.  This TV was a $560 Vizio TV.  I am a fan of Vizio.  So, with a 30 day return policy and many messages to the seller with fear, I purchased it.  I let my brother and uncle play with it.  Test it out...break it!

It has more than passed the test (and that of my brother's TV ability...yay!).  Now, the problem.  I want one focal wall.  To get the TV above the fireplace means...removing the mirror.  There is nothing behind the mirror but a white wall.
Behind the mirror...
I talked to several painters that did not want to try to match the finish.  I tried to find the company who did the original finish and could not locate them.  I considered putting the mirror up and slicing it for a mount.  At the end of the day, I started considering tiles, Mosaic, etc.  What to do?

On a journey to Home Depot for paint on a different part of the house, I noticed some pretty awesome copper back splash.  I went for it and took a chance.  Not so cheap, but neither was the wall.  I bought 6 pieces of copper, wavy back splash from Home Depot and double sided tape. This was about $130.

Kitchen back splash in my Living Room?

Applying this was my Uncle's job as I stood back and aimed for perfection in lining.  It took a couple re dos and leveling, but eventually got it up.  We also used a couple staples from a staple gun in the middle and then added a sturdy mount.  After spending $560 on a TV I was not going for any mount.  I ponied up and spent $90 at Lowe's on a mount that is fully tiltable and adjustable from the wall.

Who knew?  Kitchen back splash?  I watch a lot of HGTV, so why not?  Give it a whirl.  It was a $130 whirl, but if it turned out it would be great!

Kitchen Back splash is about to become the decorative frame to my high end TV!
Needs to come down a bit...
My Uncle and I proceeded with moving the mount down.  Where the holes were initially drilled some copper spray paint fixed it up.  And, now the final product!

This is not for everybody, but I love it.  Why should I have nothing behind the TV...when I could frame it?   Thanks to what I first considered a blunder, I now have an artistic piece behind my TV.  Many people at the party I hosted were impressed and asked what I used to complete the process.

More thinking outside of the box and having an "Anything Goes!" attitude resulted in a piece I am proud of and is unique.  Make your house your own and go for it!  It has been a therapeutic process and I recommend it to everyone!

 Granted I still need to work on the wires...but a plan is in the works, of course!


  1. Using a kitchen back splash is such a brilliant idea, Trisha! The copper spray made it shiny, which brings out a contemporary look. However, it would be best if you could hide the wire. And try to change the entire decorations below your flat screen TV. You can put more picture frames instead of those vases. =)

    Jessie Philippi

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it and am working on those type of details...I ran into some issue with length of the right type of cord. The picture frame idea is a great one...and I will keep it in mind. :)

  2. “Change is inevitable.” - You’re right. In designing a house, it’s best to come up with a flexible design, you can easily re-arrange items or tweak the overall look. There should always be room for change. Anyway, good job on DIY project!

    Louisa Hemstreet