Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Redressing My Bedroom Into a 1920s Inspired and Modern Boudoir

In my quest to redress my house, I have decided that my bedroom is dull.  I don't personally think I am dull, so why should my inner sanctum reflect dullness?  So, it came to me that my inner sanctum is mine.  I can do with it what I will and display it as I please.  Why does it have to match what I am doing with the rest of the house?  Some may disagree, but since I am not a professional nor am I really answering to anyone, why should I really care?  As long as it follows a thought process of detail and creativity and a reflection of my likes...I decided to go for it.

I started by pulling items from the Internet that reflected what I thought as Hollywood Chic.  Based on these and my own sense of style, I attempted to put color boards together.  I don't actually have any software for this type of thing, so I simply started stacking pictures from the Internet into PowerPoint, so I could see how the vision was coming together.
Sample of my Powerpoint Color Board
I love the idea of a damask reading nook, as well as the elegance of chandeliers.  Over the top and completely representative of my love of Old Hollywood Chic.  The heavy silver is my nod at modern elegance.  I am naming my boudoir Old Hollywood Chic Meets a Modern Woman of Today.  The fact that I would name my room, tells you how sensational I plan on having this room become.

As a modern woman of today, I have the pleasure of Internet at my fingertips.  This includes shopping online.  I relish finding deals and have decided to mix in the challenge of recreating the items myself or with the help of family.  Searching Ebay, Fab.com, Amazon and other websites has helped in locating items and getting inspiration.  I am not a big fan of paying big dollar on items when I can add my own personal touch at a lower cost. 

I have sent messages back and forth to sellers on Ebay to get assistance on items I am not so sure of using.  Don't be shy.  I have decided that if I sound silly, they can at least appreciate being reminded of their expertise. 

Is this a finished piece of art?  Not yet, but it is on its way.  Some select items have made it in the collection and I have made purchase decisions.  I will continue to Blog about this room as well as other areas in my house and creative ideas used to respect a budget and allow my own creative juices to flow.

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