Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way - Updating with Spray Paint

You want to make a statement really quick?  Take a look around your house.  What are the little things that you may take for granted that could make a BIG statement?

For starters, what about stair railing (if applicable)?  Is it really making the statement you want to make with your decoration efforts?  Mine was not.  I am working with Brazilian Cherry flooring, Tuscan paint colors and bold statements.  My stair railing is white.  Is that really the statement I want to make?  Not if I want to continue to GO BOLD.

White Stair Railing and pulled up flooring up my staircase.
After consideration I thought a great pop to my house would be a black stair railing.  Not only a pop of color, but a great way to keep the stair railing from showing dust and dirt.  Brown paper being taped off through the staircase and some flat Black Spray paint could make a nice showing.  Make sure to cover your floors, too!  The spray paint rains down.

Should have put something on the floor.  Goof Off was used to clean the floors without any issue.

2 coats of Rustoleum spray paint and a coat of gloss polyurethane made this happen.  Polyurethane protects and ensures the gloss coat I wanted.  Oil based polyurethane was chosen as it does a better job of protecting the paint job than water based.  With hands on the stair rails, I needed the best protection possible. 

The polyurethane chosen was MINWAX for its ratings and ease in applying.  A cheesecloth to apply the coat was all that was necessary.  Some time to make sure it is dry before using is certainly advised.

Another paint effort was with the gas valve cover on my fireplace.  I have gone with copper, bronze and golds downstairs.  A silver gas valve cover and key on my fireplace is obviously unacceptable.

Silver Gas Cover and Key is not going to flow with my color scheme.
A little Spray Paint in Hammered Copper sounded like a good idea.  The gas cover and key were removed pretty simply.  Then sprayed with two coats.  Again this is a two coat process.  Let it dry and then re-attach.  A $5 can of spray paint makes a big difference.

For about $35, big statements were made with really little effort.  I think it makes a huge difference and love it.  If I had not loved it, the nice thing is that I could have simply painted again.

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